To My Dear Friends

To My Dear Friends,
My heart loves you, my God Loves you, may he cause “not your foot to be moved”, or you “to stumble” may you put him first and serve him all of your days, for he is coming soon, and than he will dry your tears, you will be lifted up and his strength will be your strength. May you await his return, for soon it shall come.

Deidre R Bissonette
November 12, 1998.

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Adultery and Affairs of the Heart.

What is Adultery? Adultery occurs when one of the spouses in a marriage commits unfaithfulness-they have sexual relations with another person. However, can adultery also be committed in the name of a friendship? Of course it can. These are understood as Affairs of the Heart.

The Whispering Voices of Adultery are subtle-you have to listen carefully, or you could miss them. When one’s eyes catch the eyes of someone else, and glances ensue, could this be the start of something exciting but dangerous?-for we are- marrieds.  Perhaps. Glances turn into stares, and stares turn into thoughts; constant thoughts of the other-maybe these thoughts are pursued one way, maybe pursued both ways; nevertheless the thoughts  start to consume, and an affair of the heart is about to occur.

What is an affair of the heart and why is it wrong among married people? The heart is the door to the soul, and the eyes are the window to the heart. Therefore, if the eyes and the heart are not guarded; they open, allowing for an involvement, in something that can ultimately destroy us if we allow that to happen. Of course if we have betrothed our hearts and beings to another-under the mighty hand of God, we are tied to that other person in both body and soul till in death we do part, unless circumstances merit a certificate of divorce, such as unfaithfulness in the marriage. Furthermore, there may be other circumstances that are present, such as one spouse’s refusal to change or maybe they are unable to, and are unwilling to deal with themselves. Of course, issues in marriage may not be black and white-but we take our marriage vows in hopes of faithfulness in every regard. Do we not?

However, in returning to the issue of Adultery and affairs of the heart- there may be another attraction happening in front of us, who knows, maybe if this continues-love will happen and we can start new with this other person. After all, what I am feeling is new, exhilarating, and it could be love! These thoughts and feelings can inevitably happen-whether they be happening in the workplace, at church, at your child’s school, for example, (while waiting to pick up our children after the school day) at the recreation center, or some other place in this world…

And…The Whispering Voices of Adultery, and Affairs of the Heart are okay-right? as long as we keep them hidden, turn down their volume and continue on our way-in ignorance and defiance of what we know is wrong. These voices tell us that having a strong attraction to someone else when we are married is normal-(This may be so-but acting on that is the issue) and so why not act on them, indulge them, because it is so very fun, and so refreshing to attract the attentions of someone else-someone other than our spouse.

We know these voices are deceivers, are not real-so by praying and asking God to keep us faithful, both in body and mind, we are bringing both blessing and peace to our lives, because we know we have done what is right in the sight of our God. By putting our trust in him, he works out our lives for us, and rescues us from evil in whatever circumstance that would be. “The Lord keeps you from all evil and preserves your life, the Lord watches over you as you come and go, both now and forever more.” Psalm 121:7-8

The following Bible verses deal with adultery:

  • Exodus 20:14- “Do not commit adultery”
  • Proverbs 6:32- “But the man who commits adultery is an utter fool, for he destroys his own soul.”
  • Matthew 5:28-“But I say anyone who even looks at a woman with lust in his eye has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”
  • Jeremiah 7:9-11″Do you really think you can steal, commit adultery, lie, and worship Baal and all those other new Gods of yours, and then come in here and stand before me in my temple and chant, “We are safe!”-only to go right back to all those evils again? “I see all the evil going on there, says the Lord.”

In John 8:3-11 the Pharisees and teachers of religious law brought a woman caught in the act of adultery to him-and said that she should be stoned-so Jesus said to them to go ahead and stone her, but whoever had never sinned could throw the first stone. They knew they could not stone her as they had of course sinned, and so they walked away. As the accusers walked away, Jesus said for her to look and see that there are no accusers around her-and that they did not condemn her-and neither did he. Jesus told her to “go and sin no more.”

Adultery can and does happen to those of the highest moral lives and integrity. There is forgiveness in Christ Jesus-he loves us, and wants the best for our lives. “For I know the plans I have for you says the lord, plans of good and not of evil, to give you a hope and a future.”Jeremiah 29:11

Sources: Holy Bible, New Living Translation

copyright 2011 Deidre R. Bissonette

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Rest in God’s Care.

Rest in God.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your day to day activities? Do you feel as if each day runs into the other and there’s no where to go; only to run on a continual treadmill? You are tired and worn out… you feel like running to somewhere… away…you are overwhelmed with troubles, such as: financial problems, betrayal from friends or family members, or both; you feel sick, and in despair.

You need to find a haven of peace, and rest for your weary body, and your weary soul; you need to heal in order to feel whole and happy again. However, something tells you to keep going, and lifts you up to where you feel hopeful, happy and encouraged. Could this be the still small voice of God that is reminding you of his love, his care, and his watchful eye upon your life.

In Psalm 55 David laments about his life-he has many troubles that greatly burden him on a continual basis. He wants to escape and run far away. “So I said, “Oh that I had wings like a dove! For than I would fly away and be at rest. I would fly far away to the quiet of the wilderness. How quickly I would escape far from the wild storm of hatred.” (Psalm 55:6-8) Furthermore, he was treated unkindly by people while he was going through these terrible times. His heart became bitter and tormented. David became not just bitter, but so angry and hateful towards those who had abused him and had turned on him.

Eventually David saw that the Lord was his only hope for true peace and restoration. “As for me, I will call upon God, and the Lord shall save me. Evening and morning and at noon I will pray, and cry aloud, and he shall hear my voice…Cast your burden on the Lord, and he shall sustain you; He shall never permit the righteous to be moved.”(vv.16-17, 22). We need to continue to trust God. He sends help in our times of need, in small or big ways, nevertheless, his help comes in ways we may not expect, and revives us; helps us to get back on our feet and restores our brokenness to being whole once again.

There is such a wonderful feeling of happiness and contentment when we feel whole. Being whole means coming into ourselves as individuals, we have found ourselves, we are happy and complete- We can live each day content with our surroundings, our home environment, our relationships, our work, our lives in general. We can trust the providence of God to keep us whole as we live each day.

Let him sustain us today. “Cast all your cares upon him, for he cares for you,” (I Peter 5:7).


Psalm 55: The Bible (New Living Translation).

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The Tabernacle

A model of the Tabernacle in the Old Testament

photo: The Tabernacle

In the Old Testament the tabernacle was built by the people of Israel as an altar to God. They would bring their finest gold, silver, fine linens, and other wares to the tabernacle as a sacrifice to God. The tabernacle was built to worship God, it symbolized the  dwelling place of God for the people. (The table, its carrying poles, and all of its utensils; the bread of the presence; the lampstand and it’s accessories, the lamp cups and the oil for lighting; the incense altar and its carrying poles, the anointing oil and its fragrant incense.” (Exodus, 35:13-16) They would come to worship God, but would need to go through the priests for forgiveness of sins. The tabernacle was where God’s presence was-  the tribes of Israel were situated around the tabernacle which was located in the center of the camp. A huge cloud would cover the camp in the day, and than at night a pillar of fire. The cloud and the fire meant God’s presence dwelling among the people of Israel. To get into the tabernacle you had to go through the priests to be in the presence of God. This was an incomplete picture of the redemptive work of Christ, and was part of the old covenant, (mutual agreement).

However, in the New Testament, Christ died on the cross for the people’s sins. By doing this a new covenant was made. What the new covenant symbolized was that the laws of Moses were still there, but instead of going through the priests, we have direct access to God the Father, through Jesus Christ. These laws reflect the perfection and absolute sovereignty of God. However, when Christ died on the cross for all of the sins of humanity, we were set free from the law of Moses. Even though these laws in the Old Testament set a standard of holiness, and they are true and right; man will break the laws due to his imperfection because of sin, and so by Christ’s death on the cross he redeemed us from having to be perfect. (Hebrews 10:19) Christ’s death made it possible for us to be forgiven by asking God directly for forgiveness, and enjoying his presence unlike in the Old Testament. “We have perfect access to the father through the son (Jesus), and God’s indwelling Spirit will never leave us or forsake us. He has taken up his Tabernacle in our hearts and lives.” (Adventuring through Genesis, Exodus, and Leviticus.) You are the tabernacle of God! (I Corinthians, 3:16).

To read about the Tabernacle, go to Exodus chapters, 35-40.


The Holy Bible

Ray C. Stedman Adventuring through Genesis, Exodus and Leviticus (Grand Rapids Michigan: Discovery House Publishers, RBC Ministries, 1997), pp 28-30.

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The Shepherd of Psalm 23

                                               Summer Meadow Arkengarthdale

Have you ever felt life is just too difficult sometimes, like your life is in a valley of darkness; A valley that does not seem to end. David, the writer of Psalm 23 in the Bible felt this way. He was alone so much during his life and entirely dependent on God for his strength and provision. “My soul finds rest in God alone.” (Psalm 62:1)

In Psalm 23, David speaks about God as a Shepherd.” The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want, he makes me to lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside the still waters, he restores my soul, he guides me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.” He leads his sheep throughout the day guarding them, and making sure no harm comes to them. The sheep are helpless, frail, and would be lost without the shepherd. At the end of the day the sheep sleep in safety; the shepherd continues to care for them. The sheep are led home safely. The Shepherd sleeps across the gate at night to guard them. I will search for the lost and bring back the strays. I will bind up the injured and strengthen the weak.” (Ezekiel 34:1)

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have someone in our lives who would take care of us all day long, as well as at night. Someone who was always present ready to help, lead and guide us whenever we are in need? as well as when we are joyful, and at peace. God can be this person, like a shepherd who goes before us, caring for us wherever we are, “I am with you, and will watch over you wherever you go.” (Genesis 28:15)

David Roper in his book, Psalm 23, The Song of a Passionate Heart.” says: “Difficulty and drudgery makes us think of ourselves as being all alone, but he has said, ‘Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you.’ Of him alone can be said, he will never say goodbye.”

Resting in a God that will always lead, guide and take care of us is so reassuring:

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside

the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of

righteousness for his name’s sake.

Yea, thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,

I will fear no evil,

for thou art with me,

thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.

Thou preparest a table before me

in the presence of mine enemies:

thou annointest my head with oil;

my cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me

all the days of my life:

and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

Psalm 23

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Oh Majestic Creation!

Mount Rundle, Banff Alberta, photo: 2010 Deidre R. Bissonette

To see more pictures of amazing Mount Rundle click below:

I was in Banff Last winter, and as I sat eating breakfast in the hotel, I would gaze out the window at this miraculous mountain that stood in grandeur. I could not believe the immensity and the beauty of the mountain. Every morning I would sit and stare out the window and feel a peace come over me. I felt that each day started with hope that surpassed false hopes. The mountain; crisp and white, with the sun shining down brightly upon its bold face, felt like a true friend.

I believe that God is a friend, a true friend, like this mountain, and is grand, majestic, powerful, and all-knowing. Is all of creation not the work of God’s hand? There is a mighty sense of wonder and awe in the creation that surrounds us. “For the Lord is the one who shaped the mountains, stirs up the winds and reveals his every thought. He turns the light of dawn into darkness, and treads the mountains under his feet.” Amos 4:13 From the Holy Bible.

Like the mountains; the oceans, rivers, and the birds that fly are just part of this creation; however, all things will be restored-made new, there will be a brand new future, a new heaven and earth someday. “Behold I will make all things new.” Revelation, 21:5. If the earth that God has created is not perfect as it once was at the beginning of time, than someday it will be again. God’s nature is love and caring.

In the words of Isaac Watts:

“I sing the mighty power of God

that made the mountains rise, that spread the flowing seas abroad

and built the lofty skies.

I sing the wisdom that ordained

the sun to rule the day;

the moon shines full at his command

and all the stars obey.

I sing the goodness of the Lord,

that filled the earth with food;

he formed the creatures with his word

and then pronounced them good.

Lord, how they wonders

are displayed

where’er I turn my eye:

If I survey the ground I tread

or gaze upon the sky!

There’s not a plant or flower

below but makes

Thy glories known;

And clouds arise

and tempests blow

by order from Thy throne;

While all that borrows life from thee

is ever in thy care,

and everywhere that man can be,

Thou God,

art present there.

Isaac Watts-Theologian and English Hymn Writer

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O Love That Will Not Let Me Go

1. O Love that will not let me go,
I rest my weary soul in thee;
I give thee back the life I owe,
That in thine ocean depths its flow
May richer, fuller be.

2. O light that followest all my way,
I yield my flickering torch to thee;
My heart restores its borrowed ray,
That in thy sunshine’s blaze its day
May brighter, fairer be.

3. O Joy that seekest me through pain,
I cannot close my heart to thee;
I trace the rainbow through the rain,
And feel the promise is not vain,
That morn shall tearless be.

4. O Cross that liftest up my head,
I dare not ask to fly from thee;
I lay in dust life’s glory dead,
And from the ground there blossoms red
Life that shall endless be.

George Matheson


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New Blog.


I will be writing regular posts on my blog, which I have renamed; due to the fact that I  study and write about issues of faith on a regular basis, and I thought, why not just put all of these writings or letters into the blog?

hopefully they will inspire and encourage you, the reader!

I still love tea, especially the history of tea, and the tea gardens in India. However, I no longer have the time to write about tea… so…

Thank you so much for reading my blog!

With Love Deidre

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Are you going through loneliness? Loneliness can result from past trauma of any kind; whether that be abuse, losing a loved one, enduring unhealthy circumstances, and many other reasons.

You may be going through separation or divorce from a spouse and experiencing hard times of loneliness and despair. Whatever the situation may be; loneliness can be there rearing its ugly head. The world seems gloomy, dark and so terribly sad.

However, the world may also seem to be the same as it was before-the birds still chirp, the air sits still on a hot summer day, the flowers still bloom and fill the air with their sweet fragrance. Planes can be heard droning across a blue sky, while the familiar smell of a family’s summer barbecue lingers at the beach. You exist within this world that is around you, and you are… so very lonely…

Memories may seem strong; they envelop you; hanging on, and causing great sorrow. You stand still and think of how it felt like when you weren’t so lonely, how it felt to feel safe and feel loved and cared for. You now feel so alone, it seems that there is only you in this world of loneliness. You have a deep hole in your heart- a hole that exists in the core of your very being.

Loneliness can haunt us, can cripple our self esteem and cause depression. Sometimes we feel so alone even when surrounded by family and friends. No one seems to be able to help or understand what we are going through.

We long to move on, to feel safe, and to feel whole.

What does the Bible say about Loneliness?:

Taken from, the “New Living Translation

Psalm 142:4-5 ” I look for someone to come and help me, but no one gives me a passing thought! no one will help me; no one cares a bit what happens to me. Then I pray to you, Oh Lord. I say “You are my place of refuge. You are all I really want in life.”

Mark 14:32-37 ” And they came to an olive grove called Gethsamane, and Jesus said, “Sit here while I go and pray.” He took Peter, James, and John with him, and he began to be filled with horror and deep distress. He told them, “My soul is crushed with grief to the point of death. Stay here and watch with me.” He went on a little farther and fell face to the ground . He prayed that, if it were possible, the awful hour awaiting him might pass by. “Abba Father” he said, everything is possible for you. Please take this cup of suffering away from. Yet I want your will, not mine.” Then he turned and found the disciples asleep? “Couldn’t you stay awake and watch with me even one hour?”

Psalm 25:16 “Turn to me and have mercy on me, for I am alone and in deep distress.”

Psalm 68: 5-6 “Father to the fatherless, defender of widows-This is God whose dwelling is holy. God places the lonely in families; he sets the prisoners free and gives them joy.”

Philippians 4:13 “For I can do everything with the help of Christ who gives me the strength I need.”

Isaiah 41:10 “Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you. I will help you, I will uphold you with my victorious right hand.”

Reach out to God in your loneliness-He is there, he will be with you, help you, comfort you, take care of you… in every way.

Deidre R. Bissonette

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In Heaven for Eternity

I would like to share my story of Veronica- in hopes of possibly helping someone who has lost a baby or child-

Veronica is my daughter who passed away of Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 1, at the age of five months. She was born January 6, 2004 in Comox BC. At three months old she was not moving properly, even though she looked perfect in every way. I can still hear the pediatrician’s words if I think back to that moment that is forever encased in time- “She maybe has till the age of two.” I realize the mighty hand of God was holding me up in that chair, and that he was in this, somehow I needed to trust him completely. This couldn’t be happening, this wasn’t real, God was testing me; I knew it. I even told the doctor this later in the hospital just before the chaplain came to have a few words with me.

Veronica and I  flew by Air Ambulance directly to Children’s Hospital in Vancouver, where we stayed with her for a couple of weeks. We than went to Canuck Place Children’s Hospice, to spend three and half weeks with her there, where she died on June 6, 2004. I spent each day with her, holding her, loving her, feeding her through a naso-gastric tube, talking to her-telling her how short a time it would truly be, before we could spend eternity in heaven together-how wonderful for that- so very amazing that we would be separated for a short time on this earth but actually be together in heaven. For this earth is but fleeting moment. On her grave I choice the verse:  “In just a little while the world will not see me again, but you will. For I will live again, and you will too.” John 14:19

I wanted to mention that a couple days after her body was taken to the funeral home, the nurses and myself were standing inside the entrance of  her room, we all looked at one another at the same time it seemed, as we all felt simultaneously , a warm breeze and a feeling of peace enter the room. “Did you feel that? one of he nurses said, someone else said “I’ve got goosebumps on the back of my legs.”  I thought it must be angels come to comfort-

I had made a friend at Canuck Place, whose child was also dying, and her and I were sitting one evening in a room upstairs-all of a sudden an unseen warmth and comforting presence seemed to enter the room; I could feel more than one presence beside my shoulder. My friend looked at me and said, “Do you feel that?” I was amazed that she said that, because I could feel this as well at that very same second,  “ya… angels,” I said, and she said to me, ” Do you want to go and check on our children ? ” Too very cool, I thought…

Here are some thoughts that I had written back in 2004, that I had posted on another website, shortly after Veronica died:

Veronica, Duckie, and Claire De Lune

“I was listening to Claire De Lune one day, the classical piece of music by “Debussy” and looked up at a picture of Veronica. She was looking at her toy Duckie so lovingly. Her head was against a pillow, and I was holding her Duckie pretending that it was talking to her. She seemed so interested. Her gaze was priceless as she stared intently at the face of Duckie.

The tears came flowing from my eyes and I thought wow what absolute meaning in Veronica’s stare, which seemed to be conveying such meaning to Duckie. I realized that this intent stare really just evokes all of life, and the meaning of life, which is humility, love, kindness and meekness.”

Letter #25

This is letter number 25 that I wrote to Veronica. I wrote many more letters to her after her passing. I do not write them anymore because it is too painful. Part of me was hoping she would answer, but she is only answering them in heaven-not on earth, and so now I just think of her everyday, and anticipate my reunion with her.

Dear Veronica,

“Mommy just wanted to say that she hoped you were never hungry or  cold or sad, because mommy was there for you every second of your beautiful five months my darling. I loved your beautiful body, your hair, eyes, face, arms and beautiful fingers, legs and feet darly hearts. Beautiful tummy that got hungry, just like mommy’s tummy. You were so human my love, and now you are with Jesus in a perfect place. Your toes will never get cold, your eyes will never cry tears, your throat can now swallow your saliva my beautiful love. Your wonderful chest works now my love, you can breathe properly, it is not sunken in precious; anymore. It is beautiful just like all of your darling precious body, which is perfect now. Always my love, a part of my heart, body and soul. To be with you in heaven precious is mommy’s hearts desire, I can’t wait, I love you.”

Love Mommy

Poem from Veronica:

Letter from Heaven

As you drive down my street of Matthew’s Avenue,

just remember that my times here

were the greatest that I ever knew

     The love you gave me was priceless you know,

and my love for you was heaven sent, to

show and represent,

a father from above,

      Well, I had fun, I felt glee, I was happiest

with you and me, I never knew pain,

     I never knew  scorn, so please

do not cry for me or mourn

I loved my stroller and my garden walks,

and all of our lovely and wonderful talks,

I loved my bed, and all the pillows around my head,

I loved my toys; especially my Duckie,

do you know that he would sit and talk to me?

I loved my room at night, the lamps turned low,

and how you would sneak into my room to

watch me sleep, I knew you were there you know.

I loved the dinner hour, and the fishies behind the glass,

but all the chattering at the tables,

hey; I could pass,

I loved “Bear in the Big Blue House” and “Franklin” too,

but most of all I loved you, my home was with you,

wherever you were, there I was too,

But the time for us, it quickly slipped by, for there was

not enough time for me to love you on this earth,

for heaven called me,

and now our love will exist for all of eternity.

    copyright 2004 Deidre R. Burden

Inspirational Quotes:

I have listened to the lyrics of this particular song, and thought of Veronica’s hearse leaving the children’s hospice to go to the funeral home-never had I been so amazed at that sight, as the grey hearse left the big iron gates and turned ever so slowly to the left and down the road and turning again and out of sight. I know; however, that I will see her again, and this is my true hope and peace.

This verse is from the song “Where there is Faith”  from the Christian group “For Him”

“There’s a lady dressed in black, in a motorcade of cadillacs; Daddy’s not coming back, and our hearts begin to fail and our stability grows weak, but Jesus meets our needs if we only believe, because where there is faith there is a voice saying, keep walking… your not alone in this world.”

“With your final heartbeat kiss this world goodbye and go in peace and laugh on glory’s side, and fly to Jesus, fly to Jesus, fly to Jesus, and live.”

From Pastor John MacArthur’s book, “Safe in the Arms of God”

“What is the future of a baby crushed by the rubble of the collapsing World Trade Center? What about any baby that dies? What happens to an unborn child, and infant, a child, or even a physically mature but mentally handicapped adult child after he dies? What is the fate of that little one as he or she enters eternity? The questions are agonizing ones for many parents, Christians and non-Christians alike. The correct answer however begins very simply:  “Instant Heaven”

The Book:

Scripture Bible Verses:

Matthew 5:4 “God blesses those who mourn, for they will be comforted”

Psalm 139:16 “Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed, and in your book they were all written, the days fashioned for me, when as yet there were none of them.” 

1st. Thessalonians 3: 13-14 ” But I do want you to be ignorant brethren, concerning those who have fallen asleep, lest you sorrow as others who have no hope. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so God will bring with him those who sleep in Jesus.”

John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him, shall not perish but have everlasting life.”

Final Thoughts:

I have concluded through my own journey of grief , that there is no fear in life, but rather only trust, to keep going by upholding hope, faith, and love. In my extreme sorrow have I reflected on my own life and the purpose for me on this earth. The purpose is through God’s eyes, in the person of Jesus Christ, which is to gain salvation, and we must live with this understanding. When we become born again, we can live with the Lord for eternity in heaven, we will never die. Only through our creator is this truly possible. By accepting what Jesus did for us: he died on the cross for our sins and rose again, by asking him into our hearts we will have eternal life. May we look forward to eternal life and continue to be lead and guided by his absolute sovereignty and grace. For it is grace by which we are saved, and not by works. “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a need than for a rich man to enter heaven.” Mark 10:25

Deidre R. Bissonette 2004

“And I said, Oh that I had wings like a dove, for than would I fly away and be at rest.” Psalm 55:6

Pictures of Veronica Noelle Bissonette:

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