Green Tea for Beauty


 Green tea is now used in a select line of beauty products on the market today. Companies such as Elizabeth Arden and the upscale “House of Bulgari” use green tea in their beauty products. Green tea is used in skincare products, bath and body products, creams and fragrances. Some companies also sell green tea aromatherapy products and incense for fragrance. The House of Bulgari holds the belief that green tea promotes a sense of well being and harmony. “Origins” is a company that has a product for skincare made with white tea. Using plant therapies from ancient times is their mission and goal. They promote beauty from within, which is reflected in their natural products. A few other companies that share this same ideal include: I’ Artisan Parfumeur, Guerlain and Roger and Gallet. Their products are also very high quality, simple to use and refreshing!

 Green Tea for Beauty tips include:

After infusing green tea leaves, pat on your face for ten minutes and rinse. This helps your skin resist environmental pollutants, due to the high level of antioxidants in the leaves.

Green tea such as a “Japanese Sencha” can be infused for three minutes in water of 160 F, and used as a toner on the skin, after removal of makeup.

Green tea leaves can be used for compresses on the eyes to reduce swelling, and help with puffiness and tired eyes.

copyright Deidre R. Bissonette


Dattner, Christine. 2003. The Book of Green Tea, Universe Publishing



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