Thomas Twining

If you are cold tea will warm you, if you are heated it will cool you, if you are depressed, it will cheer you, if you are excited it will calm you.” Herbert John Gladstone, Prime Minister of Great Britain (1854-1930)

Thomas Twining went to London in 1648 to seek his fortune. Daniel sent his son Thomas to work for a tea merchant who than started his own tea business in “The Strand,”  a rich tea business in London. In 1717 he went into business with the “Golden Lyon,” where tea and coffee were sold at a retail level.

The Twining family business prospered-Twining’s tea was sold by the cup. Men of distinction started to meet at Twinings on a regular basis. Woman were not allowed at the coffee houses where beer and alcohol were served, but they could have a cup of tea at the “Golden Lyon.” Twinings continued to prosper in the 18the century, because of the amazing success of tea in Europe.

Richard Twining became the main supplier of tea to Queen Victoria in 1837, and in 1863 Twinings was named the official supplier of tea. The main type of tea sold by Twinings is Ceylon, and was sold according to weight. Closed packets of tea started to become popular in the 1930s-but today;  Twinings is a favourite and continues to be enjoyed…

copyright Deidre R. Bissonette


Donzal Catherine, Durand-Melchior Stephane, Sangmee Kitti Cha, Stella  Alain. 2003. The Little Book of Tea, Mariage Freres, Flamarion


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