And Death won’t hide his face

And death won’t hide his face again
He is always there
Waiting in the wings
With a half expecting stare
But beyond the fray
Inside the world of light
There lies a truth not always seen
If you look at what is seen
But not what really exists
You may miss the face of life
In all its truth and glory
And death won’t hide its face again
until you pursue the fight,
the fight of human kindness
and eternity all through the night
of valiant courage and bravery
the angels show themselves there
walking beside death in the battle
of the ages
you shall see the eyes of truth staring
back at you with colors of humanity.
copyright Deidre R. Bissonette

About teahouse1

I have a Bible College Diploma, attended the University of Winnipeg, and Camosun College in Victoria. I write poetry, and articles, check out my portfolio at:
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