Remembrance Day Music

Today is Remembrance Day- I have been listening to Julie Nezrallah on CBC Radio -which I usually do on a good day while writing- hmm… she is amazing and of course so is her program-wonderful wonderful wonderful…! whatever mood you are in there is something for everyone on this program-based in Ottawa; Julie plays amazing pieces from Mozart, Beethoven, Hayden, Dvorak and the list goes on… hmm…. not enough hours to listen to tempo-but; however, just enough to get the creative juices flowing and the bad stuff out…….!!! and breath in the wonder of this music… it takes you to European cathedrals and castles… please take a listen, and read the website which I’ve posted below…

Happy Remembrance Day to everyone!


About teahouse1

I have a Bible College Diploma, attended the University of Winnipeg, and Camosun College in Victoria. I write poetry, and articles, check out my portfolio at:
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