Tea for Christmas

Tea is wonderful all the year round- but for Christmas you can drink special teas like Christmas in a Cup from Elmwood Inn Fine Teas. Looseleaf black teas like Assam and Ceylon can also be combined with flavors and spices like orange peel, ginger, cardomom, cinnamon for a christmas tea when snow and cold weather arrives. Or- if you prefer tea without added flavors-any black tea for christmas is lovely- but Assams and Ceylons are my favourites. I also enjoy my Green Sencha Tea which has, in my opinion, a refreshing, full bodied healthy healthy taste and aftertaste.

Here is the link to Elmwood Inn Fine Teas-a favourite tea supplier of mine:


Happy tea stocking!


photo by Deidre


About teahouse1

I have a Bible College Diploma, attended the University of Winnipeg, and Camosun College in Victoria. I write poetry, and articles, check out my portfolio at: http://deidre-r-burden.writersresidence.com
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