Banff December 2010

I was in Banff in December-and just loved it. The hotel I stayed in was extremely clean, cozy and warm. The small lobby was decorated for Christmas with a huge tree, as well as displaying objects that showed the true charm of Banff. Snow Shoes, wooden skiis and old paintings from the 1940s were displayed on the walls. The plush dark brown leather furniture surrounded a lovely stone fireplace.

The rooms were comfortable and very modern. Breakfast was served everyday and Banff awaited to be walked in, shopped in, skiied in and just plain enjoyed-food was fantastic! and Honey Lagers tasted great after walking through 25 below weather believe it or not-

I visited the Banff Springs Hotel which has an air of great mystery surrounding it-after all ghosts have been rumored to walk the great halls and rooms-perhaps because of an attachment to their past life there. A Fairmont property, the Hotel is absolutely beautiful with great staircases, old furniture, famous paintings, gift shops, pool and spa, and lounges and tea rooms that overlook the grounds of the property. Majestic Mountains, The Bow River, and wildlife surround the hotel and make for breathtaking views.

Here are some pictures: Hope you enjoy them,

Love Deidre


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